Zanzibar Travel Information

Published Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Zanzibar Flights – What you need to know!

Flying to Zanzibar:

All passengers will be required to complete Port Health’s Exit Screening Questionnaire (for hand in to OR Tambo Port Health Officials) and Zanzibar’s Traveler’s Surveillance Form (for hand in to Zanzibar Airport Authorities) for the flight out of South Africa to Zanzibar, and will be subject to temperature and advanced screening at both airports.  

Please note there is NO PCR Test requirement for entry in to Zanzibar.

Flying back to South Africa:

All passengers will be required to complete Port Health’s Passenger Entry Health Questionnaire for entry / re-entry to South Africa.

All passengers flying back into OR Tambo from Zanzibar – will be required to conduct PCR testing.

PCR Testing can be performed in one of three ways:

1 - PCR Testing In Zanzibar

2 - PCR Testing In South Africa (on the return)


$80+ per a PCR test conducted


Should you chose to test in Zanzibar –

Resultant paperwork (test results) need to be provided to Mango at Check-in, indicating a negative test result.


Test results may be no older than 72hrs – so please be sure to plan this accordingly when making your booking, as limited facilities are available for the conducting of these tests.


It is to be noted, that testing performed in Zanzibar, is sent back to mainland Tanzania for analysis, with results then sent back to the island for pass-on back to guests.


R600 per a PCR test conducted


Should you chose to test in South Africa –

PCR testing will be conducted at the airport or at a hotel, where a period of quarantine will be made mandatory.


Tests results will be expedited by health care practioners, and returned to passengers within 12 to 24 hours. Passengers may then leave quarantine facilities thereafter.


It is to be noted, that Port Health has a strict list of hotels that may be used for this period of quarantine, with costs associated incurred at the passengers own expense.


3 - PCR Testing In South Africa (prior to going to Zanzibar)


Cost as associated to your preferred health care provider


PCR testing results used for entry in to South Africa, are reviewed by Port Health prior to passport control, against the date of results issued.  I.e. Results are valid for 72hrs as from the date of issue (NOT the testing date). Therefore and as an additional option to passengers intending a short stay (e.g. for business or a weekend away) an alternative method of testing available for you - may be to pre-test in South Africa (example – a day before leaving), ensuring your results are made available to you via email for printing in Zanzibar, using these results for re-entry in to South Africa. Should this option be utilized, please ensure to be back in SA within the 72hr mark of issuance.


PCR testing sent to you electronically, needs to please additionally be emailed to

Where PCR testing in NOT available in Zanzibar, or where results of testing may have been delayed for any reason – passengers WILL be required to submit PROOF of quarantine hotel booking confirmation, for acceptance to flight and entry back in to SA.



All costs associated to quarantining in Zanzibar (in the event of a positive Covid test result) or in South Africa (while awaiting PCR test results or as a result of a positive test resultant) shall be to the passengers’ account, inclusive of transport to / from accommodation. To this degree, it is imperative that passengers have made travel insurance arrangements appropriately.

Mango Airlines shall accept no responsibility or liability in this regard.


For passengers wishing to PCR test and quarantine in South Africa – a list of approved hotels is available for reference on the Mango website and the respective Quarantine Declaration as relevant to this requirement, also needs to be completed for hand in to Airport Authorities.


Testing facility information in Zanzibar, has been published on the Mango web page, per the Zanzibar Ministry of Health guidance issued for passengers.


Children under the age of 5 – are exempt from PCR testing.


All forms as specified above – are available on Mango’s website and should be pre-printed and completed, readily available for authorities, prior to departure.


Own sanitizer may be traveled with, up to 100ml per person, in a container that does not exceed this limitation requirement.

Masks are to be worn at all times when at both airports and in flight.

It is suggested that you pack multiple masks for use, as even though masks are not considered mandatory for Zanzibar excursions, it is encouraged.

Flying back to South Africa as a Foreign National or for Transfer:

Chinese foreign nationals, coming from Zanzibar – to South Africa – in the hope of transferring onwards – will NOT be able to complete this requirement.

See embassy notice as attached to our website.

Mango Disclaimer

While alternative arrangements for PCR testing have been communicated as available in South Africa (SA), we highly recommend ensuring that PCR tests are readily available for the return in to SA from Zanzibar so as not to un-expectantly incur additional costs that may be related to testing and quarantine requirements over this time.


Please note that with given stats related to Covid cases on the increase in SA once again, it remains Port Health’s prerogative to change quarantine protocols at entry in to SA, at any given time, or as particular to any given passenger or case.

To this end and with international flying now un-restricted in to SA, Port Health has also noted an increase in non-tested arrival passengers, additionally placing pressure on the airport system made available for this purpose.

For these reasons, please rather err on the side of caution – and test prior to your return, having results readily available for entry / re-entry.

While the airline does try to ease passenger planning provisions by ensuring we post the latest and most recent information sought from respective parties with whom we work, please note that Mango does not accept any responsibility or liability for costs incurred as related to information as communicated or shared on our platforms. Gazetted directives will always supersede such in-house information attained and the rules and regulations as applicable thereto, including that of travel insurance requirements, are susceptible to last minute changes and updates that we may not be immediately aware of. 

On this note however, we have included to our newsroom at, the respective traveller documentation requirements as shared with us, for ease of reference.

Thank you.

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