You Vote We Fly – Skytrax Award 2019


Skytrax Certified Airline Ratings are internationally recognized by airlines and throughout the world. Media 
Introduced in 1999, Certified Airline Rating which is an international rating system that classifies airlines by the quality of their front line product and staff service standards. The Certified Airline Star Ratings are recognized as a global benchmark of airline standards, developed through many years of professional experience and Skytrax specialist knowledge of the world airline industry.

Mango won the Skytrax World Airline Award: 

•    Best African Low-cost Carrier in 2014 
•    Best African Low-cost Carrier in 2015
•    Best African Low-cost Carrier in 2018

Therefore we would like to encourage our Guests to please vote for us for the Skytrax Best Airline of The Year Award 2019. 
All you need to do is to complete a quick survey nominating Mango as the best airline, by visiting 

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