Flying with your bicycle


Ensure to book your bike prior to travel, through our Call centre, at 086 100 1234 or on our website at
Bicycles must be checked in at the relevant airport Check in counter on the same flight as you are booked on. Bicycles cannot be dropped off or accepted before the actual date and flight.
Bicycles can be collected in the relevant Baggage Arrivals hall at the arrival airport.
Guests must package their bicycles in a durable box or container, which offers suitable protection to the bicycle during standard baggage handling procedures. Turn handlebars parallel with the frame, remove pedals or turn inward, deflate tyres and put the seat down.
The combined weight of the bicycle and the box or container may not exceed 32kg, or exceed 1.5m (one and a half metres) in width or 2m (two) metres in height/length.
Boxes or containers may only be sealed or locked once the check-in agent has inspected the box or container as per regulation. No additional items may be included in the box or container.
Co2 canisters are NOT permitted as checked in baggage, and may not be included in the bicycle box or container.
 Guests may only take two (2) co2 canisters with them on board in their carry-on baggage.
No bicycle wheels or rims will be allowed in the passenger cabin of the aircraft. All such items must be weighed, tagged and loaded in the hold of the aircraft. 
A handling fee will be charged per bicycle per Flight. For the sake of clarity, in the event of return flights, the bike fee payable will apply separately to the departing flight, as well as the returning flight.
MANGO will endeavour to load bicycles on the same flight as our Guests’ are booked, however, due to space and operational requirement, it is not guaranteed that the bicycle will be on the same flight as the Guest. In such cases, the Guest will be notified when the bicycle arrives, and the Guest will need to collect their bicycle at the arrival airport. No bicycles will be delivered by MANGO.
MANGO accepts bicycles for carriage under Limited Liability and will not be liable to you for any loss or damages.


Bicycle Fees


Bicycle Tandem Bicycle
Call Centre           R300 Call centre       R350
Guest Service      R385 Guest Service  R400
Web                     R300 Web                 R350



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