Passenger Testing as related to Domestic Travel

Published Friday, December 4, 2020


Passengers are to be advised, that while Port Health will no longer be conducting passenger surveillance for domestic travel, that Airlines are obligated and still required to screen passengers appropriately for COVID19 related signs and symptoms of infection. In this regard, passengers who have reason to suspect that they may require testing, or passengers who have tested under suspicion thereof and are awaiting results – are please required to contact Mango Airlines directly for flight rescheduling.


In a bid to reduce, slow down and stop the spread of the virus, we encourage all our passengers to rather err on the side of caution until negative results are received, ensuring that you do not inadvertently become a risk to other passengers, our crews or loved ones over this time.


Should you as a passenger alert us to a positive test result on the day of travel after check-in – please note that your flight ticket will not be refunded.


Furthermore, after discussions with Port Health – It has been noted that it is possible to charge an individual who flies within 10 days of receiving a positive COVID19 result and for endangering the lives of others. We value your health and that of everyone in our value-chain.


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