Advertising with Mango

Advertising opportunities

With Mango, advertisers have an innovative and unique opportunity to promote their brands and products to a captive audience. Advertisers can now target customers using print or television advertising throughout the entire flight experience

Advertisers can take advantage of the following mediums to promote their brand or products:

  • In-flight entertainment

  • On-board branding

  • Exterior branding

  • Mango Juice in-flight magazine

All Mango advertising campaigns are required to be non-intrusive additions to the Guests’ travel experience, and we will only accept marketing messages and graphic displays that conform to this expectation.

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From road trips to explore to places to visit and stay; from things to do, see and experience to lesser-known gems; from food and wine to décor, design, shopping and interviews with the country’s most inspiring personalities, Juice showcases the best that our country has to offer.

With editorial content that’s relevant, beautifully designed and in a style that’s fun, light and always evolving - Juice will keep you reading from cover to cover.

Magazine Details:

  • Print run: Minimum 16 500 – 20 000 (ABC audited)
  • Circulation: Monthly
  • Free of charge – Guests can take their copies home

Onboard Advertising

We offer prospective advertisers a number of unique and cost-effective advertising opportunities which can either be selected individually or as a complete through-the-line advertising campaign.

1. Exterior Branding of an Aircraft

Let your brand take to the skies – literally! Our aircraft are turned into a moving billboard exposing your brand and messaging to over 8 destinations around the country.

The exterior branding is achieved either through the use of aviation compliant decals or painted on the aircraft depending primarily on the duration of the campaign.


2. In-flight Entertainment (MangoTV)

Our in-flight entertainment is screened onboard all our aircraft providing passengers with a variety of travel, tourism, business and related content - keeping our guests entertained throughout their journey. The content is updated on a monthly basis and provides advertisers with a platform to connect to the passengers in a traditional TV type format.

Advertisers can choose to advertise on all flights (nationally) or choose specific destinations to suit their specific needs and target market.


3. Interior Branding (Tray Tables and Head Rests)

Whether launching a new brand or keeping an existing one top of mind, the Tray Table decals and Head Rests onboard our flights, provide you with unsurpassed dwell time with our captive audience onboard our fleet.

The minimum flight duration on our flights from Johannesburg to Durban (and visa versa) provides advertisers with up to 40 minutes of exposure of their brand to our guests onboard.


4. In-flight Activations

The in-flight activations provide advertisers with a truly unique opportunity to connect with our guests whilst they are in a comfortable environment and a receptive and engaging frame of mind. The in-flight activations are usually coupled with one of the interior branding opportunities.

Please note that due to the inherent logistics of our operations all proposed activations and promotions will be subject to certain restrictions, such as weight and size and will be considered on a case by case basis. The costs of the campaigns are also subject to the nature of the activation and the associated logistical considerations.


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