The Mango Fleet

Mango operates a uniform fleet of new generation, fuel efficient Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Our aircraft seat 186 Guests, and are serviced and maintained by SAA Technical ensuring that all our aircraft are safe and reliable.

Mango has been the most consistently on-time domestic airline for the past 6 years on aggregate.


Mango’s new and improved seats offer Guests more legroom. Rolling out on all our aircraft!

Mango aircraft seat 186 Guests. Each row has three adjacent seats on either side of the centre aisle. Guests are welcome to book two seats if this would make their flight more comfortable, but by booking two seats a Guest will be charged the normal fare for both seats.

A Guest can pre-book a seat on Mango’s aircraft, but they will incur an additional fee for the booking. Guests choosing not to pre-book their seats will be assigned a seat at time of airport check-in, online check-in or self-service check-in.

For safety reasons, Guests requiring assistance or those travelling with infants and children under 16 years of age are not permitted to sit in emergency exit rows.

Please note that Mango does not transport unaccompanied minors.

When a speedy getaway is needed

The following seat rows and seats are identified as emergency rows and/or seats on all Mango flights:

  • Seat row 14 (ABC) and (DEF)
  • Seat row 15 (ABC) and (DEF)
  • Seat row 16 (ABC) and (DEF)
  • Seats 1 (C) and (D)
  • Seats 32 (C) and (D)

Please note that Mango's new and ergonomically efficient seats are only available on Mango aircraft. These seats are not available on other aircraft that Mango may use for certain flights. If you have any queries please contact 0860 872 662.


South Africa

086 100 1234


JNB: +27 11 086 6100
CPT: +27 21 815 4100