Sporting and Recreational Equipment

Sporting and recreational Equipment (excl Bicycles)

Mango accepts sporting equipment under limited liability. Mango accepts no liability for loss or damages of any kind to such equipment.

Sporting equipment, such as, but not limited to golf clubs, cricket and hockey gear, rugby and soccer kits, tennis gear, diving equipment is included in the checked baggage allowance. Excess baggage charges will be raised per kilogram or part thereof for baggage exceeding the checked baggage allowance.

No single piece of baggage may weigh more than 32kg, or exceed one and a half (1.5) metres in width or two (2) metres in height/length

Bow and arrows and spear guns may NOT include any pressurized vessels, explosive arrowheads or propellants and need to be securely packaged in a relaxed state.

Swords and knives must be securely packaged to prevent any damage to surrounding articles.

Certain items such as, but not limited to, gas cylinders or oxygen tanks/bottles, are prohibited items and may not be checked in or taken on board in an enclosed or full state. Such items may only be accepted as checked baggage if the tank is empty and the cap is left open. Please be advised that this limitation does not apply to oxygen concentrators where FAA approval is evident.

See a list of prohibited items below.


Mango accepts bicycles under limited liability, and suggests that Guest package their bicycles in a durable box or container. Mango accepts no liability for loss or damages of any kind related to bicycle handling.

A handling fee will be charged per bicycle per flight.

The combined weight of the bicycle and the box or container may not exceed 32kg, or exceed one and a half (1.5) metres in width or two (2) metres in height/length

Boxes or containers may only be sealed or locked once the check in agent has inspected the box or container as per regulation. No additional items may be included in the box or container.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept your bicycle for carriage if it is not packaged in a durable box or container.

Only two (2) C02 inflation canisters may be included in the Guest’s carry-on baggage. These canisters are regarded as prohibited items as checked baggage and may NOT be checked-in.



During cycle challenges/events, Mango may implement a bicycle handling procedures which differs from the regular bicycle check in process. This procedure may differ at each airport.

  • Guest may be required to drop off their bicycle(s) at a different location, so please familiarise yourself with check in cut off times.
  • Due to space and operational requirements, bicycle(s) may not travel on the same flight as you during such events/challenges, regardless of whether you are participating in such events/challenges.
  • Guests will not be notified once bicycles arrive.  The service provider responsible for the handling of bicycles at that time must be contacted according to the communication details provided to the Guest at the time.
  • No bicycle(s) will be delivered by MANGO.

For more information please contact the Mango call centre on 086 100 1234

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