Pregnant Guests

Mango's top 5 tips for pregnant Guests

To ensure that your flight is as pleasant and comfortable as possible we've compiled a list of our top tips.

  1. Place the seat belt below your belly for maximum comfort.
  2. Book or ask to be seated in an aisle seat for easy access to the bathroom facilities.
  3. Walk around the cabin hourly, this helps with circulation.
  4. Stretch and flex your feet and legs in your seat every half an hour.
  5. Drink plenty of fluids.

It is advised that all expectant mothers carry emergency contact details relating to their pregnancy, and a copy of your prenatal chart if you are in your second or third trimester.

If you have suffered or are suffering from any medical complications, Mango requests that you contact our Medical Reservations Department on 086 10 10 214 to make a special request. Alternatively, download the Medical Request Form, complete it and fax it to 086 522 2951.

To ensure the safety of expectant mothers on board our aircraft, Mango is unable to accept Guests more than 35 weeks pregnant. Additionally, pregnant Guests may not be seated at emergency rows/seats on Mango flights.

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