Checking in

Check-in and guest information

Mango Guests can check in at the check-in counters, online or on Mango's mobi app.

The check-in counters can be found in the domestic departure terminal. The recommended check-in time is two hours prior to departure. Check-in closes 40 minutes prior to departure. Guests who arrive after this time will need to make alternative travel arrangements.

The self-service check-in counters open 12 hours before departure and close 40 minutes before departure. Guests can also check in online or use our mobile app from 24 hours before departure until two hours before the scheduled time of departure.

Please note:
• The boarding gate closes 30 minutes prior to departure.
• Bookings made within 24 hours of departure will not be able to check in via the mobi app.
• Mobi check-in is not available for flights departing from George and Bloemfontein, and departing to and from Zanzibar. Guests are, however, encouraged to use the Mango check-in counters at these airports.

Proof of Identification

At check-in it is required that all Guests provide proof of identification in order to receive their boarding pass.

Guests may use their valid ID, driver’s license or passport as proof of identification. Guests who booked and paid for their flights using a credit card will need to present this card at check-in. If the Guest paid for a group or family using the credit card, only the paying Guest need present the card. In the case of children, a birth certificate is considered as valid identification.

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