Divine Dullstroom

March 28, 2019

In need of an escape to the countryside? The quaint town of Dullstroom in Mpumalanga may just be the break you’re looking for!

About a three-hour drive from Johannesburg, Dullstroom is a great change of pace from the big city. Considered one of South Africa’s premier fly-fishing destinations, the landscape is serene and the climate is relatively cool. The town is also bustling with restaurants, shops and art galleries.

Planning a long weekend in Dullstroom? Here’s what to do ...

Catch some trout for dinner


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Dullstroom is known as South Africa’s fly-fishing capital, so expect loads of tackle and bait shops in town and trout on the menus of restaurants! Many lodges and hotels have private dams for the use of guests. There are also multiple dams and estates open to the public where you can put your own skills to the test if your accommodation does not offer this.

Please keep in mind that in order to make use of public dams, you are required to have an Mpumalanga angling licence. These can be purchased from the Village Angler fly-fishing shop in town.

Visit the historical sights of the town

Dullstroom was established in 1883 by Wolterus Dull. In subsequent years the town largely housed Dutch immigrants until the South African War (also known as the Anglo-Boer War) broke out in 1899, and nearly destroyed the town.

Today the church in the heart of the town is one of its most well-known landmarks. It was built in 1905 to replace the church that stood in the same place before the war. Surrounded by enormous trees, the church is an impressive monument and worth a walk around.

Because of of its relation with the Anglo-Boer War (and the Anglo-Zulu War that broke out in 1879), there are many memorials and battle sites in the area. History buffs will enjoy exploring the historic war areas.

For an in-depth experience, Battlefields of the Escarpment Tours offer one- to five-day tours in and around Dullstroom of major historic sites shaped by war.

Shop till you drop


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Whether you’re looking for antiques, crafts or art, Dullstroom has you covered.

Renowned Serbian artist Branko Dimitrov is based in the town at the Dimitrov Art Gallery. If you’re looking to make an investment in art or would simply like to be amazed by his wildly colourful paintings, a stop here is recommended.

For those who love old-world charm, Trams Antiques is a hub of furniture, houseware and decor. For something sparkly, visit Silver Planet for handmade silver jewellery ranges, or Eska Claire if you’re looking for something unique made with precious stones and metals.

If you’re visiting the town with your special someone, it’s good to know that Eska Claire specialises in engagement rings. Your getaway to Dullstroom might just be the right time to pop the big question!

Attend a festival or two


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The Duck & Trout restaurant hosts the Ducktober Beer Fest each year, the highest beer festival in Africa. Located at 2 077m above sea level, Dullstroom is interestingly the highest town in South Africa! Keep an eye on the Duck & Trout’s Facebook page for this year’s dates.

During the peak of winter, the Dullstroom Winter Festival takes place, an event that will warm your cold fingertips as the whole community comes together. It features top local musicians, delicious food stalls, whisky-pairing stands and a kiddies’ play area. This year’s event takes place from 21 to 23 June – we’ll see you there!

Getting to Dullstroom

Dullstroom is about a three-hour drive from Johannesburg. To hire a car, simply add it to your online booking! Mango has also partnered with a number of car-hire services to ensure an affordable experience from flight, to transport, to hotel bookings. Have a look at our partners to see how you can save!

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