Flying down for the Cape Town Cycle Tour? Here’s what you need to know

February 20, 2019

The Cape Town Cycle Tour sees more than 30 000 cyclists take to the roads each year for the largest timed cycle event in the world. Entrants travel from all over South Africa, and even the world, to Cape Town for this prestigious event.

The 109km race takes place every year on the second Sunday of March. This year this falls on 10 March 2019.


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Are you flying in for the Cape Town Cycle Tour? Here’s what you need to know ...

Flying with your bike

Your bike is your baby, we get it. That’s why we recommend you transport your bike in either a shipping box or specialised bicycle box. If you don’t have either of these, visit your local bike shop so that you can get a box for your bike. Please keep in mind that Mango does not provide these. And don’t forget to buy some bubble wrap, as this will further ensure your bike’s safety on its journey.

Once you have your box and bubble wrap, it’s time to pack! Turn your handlebars parallel to the frame, remove your pedals and wheels (remember to deflate your tyres) and set your seat down. A handy tip is to mark your saddle height before setting the saddle down, as you don’t want to lose that perfect height you’ve been training on all these months!

From here you need to bubble-wrap it all and pack it in the box. If possible, also wrap bubble-wrap your wheels and pack them in the box. If they don’t fit, you’ll need to check them in as special baggage – wheels don’t fit in the overhead storage, so please don’t take them on board.

If you use CO2 canisters to inflate your tyres, please leave these at home as they will not be allowed on the plane. There will be plenty on sale at the Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo.

Please note that Mango charges an administration fee for transporting bikes. Be sure to pay this in advance for great savings.

Getting around in Cape Town

Flights to Cape Town, accommodation and proper pre-race nutrition can be quite expensive. But don’t worry, you won’t need to penny-pinch and travel around town on your bicycle – we’ll make sure you’re able to hire a car at an affordable price.


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We are always on the lookout for partnerships to make travel easier and more affordable for our guests. We have made deals with a number of car-hire services that you can easily add to your flight booking online.

Don’t forget to have a look at all our partnerships – maybe you can qualify for a 50% discount on your flight ticket!

If you haven’t booked your flight, car or accommodation yet, and are feeling a little overwhelmed by it all, we can help. With Mango Travel Packages you can book your flight and hotel and even board in one easy step. More often than not, your package will also include your airport transfers – so problem solved!

Enjoying Cape Town

Every year Cape Town receives many accolades for its beauty, restaurants and many fun outdoor activities. In December 2018, it was named the greatest city in the world by The Telegraph newspaper in a voting-based competition.

We know you will experience incredible views of the Cape Town Peninsula during your cycle, but don’t miss the chance to experience the rest of the city while you’re here! Beautiful beaches, award-winning wine estates, and cool and quaint eateries should all be on your list of things to do.

If you’re looking for a break from the busyness of the city, or just need to calm your mind before the race, take a short drive along the West Coast to the quaint town of Paternoster. Besides views of a turquoise ocean and white sandy beaches, it is also home to the restaurant of the year, Wolfgat, as named by the recent World Restaurant Awards. If you need to carbo-load, why not do it with a fine-dining experience right on the beach?

For more ideas on what to do while you’re in Cape Town, we have handy guides to the top cocktail bars and top seafood restaurants in and around the city, and even where to enjoy an afternoon at the best beaches in Cape Town.

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