Gig guide: Johannesburg International Mozart Festival

January 28, 2020

“O Mozart, immortal Mozart, how many, how infinitely many inspiring suggestions of a finer, better life have you left in our souls!” – Franz Schubert 

There’s still time to book a ticket and spend a warm summer day or evening listening to and learning about the musical compositions of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at the Johannesburg International Mozart Festival 2020. 

The festival may be dedicated to Mozart, but composer Ludwig van Beethoven also features in some of the talks and recitals, held around Johannesburg in a variety of locations. 

Every year, the festival is held from the end of January to early February. It’s currently in its final week and you can expect an assortment of musical pickings in the City of Gold. Soloists, chamber concerts, piano recitals, violin recitals, talks and more will continue to wow audiences until 2 February 2020. 

The Johannesburg International Mozart Festival aims “to reflect upon Mozart’s genius and ingenuity and to create a setting that might translate at least some of Mozart’s truly inspiring characteristics into the 21st century”, explains the festival website

Find out more about the events, schedules and where to book tickets on the site or on the festival Facebook page.

Highlights from the programme: 

 Date  Event  Location

 23 January - 2 February 2020

 The Magic Flute  Brooklyn Theatre

 29 and 30 January 2020

 Cinema Improvisando – The Crowd  The Bioscope independent cinema

 30 January 2020

 The Politics of Joy, conducted by Richard Cock  Goethe-Institut  Johannesburg

 31 January 2020

 Piano recital  Northwards House

 1 February 2020

 Johannesburg Youth Orchestra performance  Linder Auditorium

 1 February 2020

 Violin recitals  Linder Auditorium

 1 February 2020

 Beethoven violin recitals – package deal  Linder Auditorium

 1 February 2020

 Talk by Susan Cock: Beethoven Life and Times  Linder Auditorium

 2 February 2020

 Violin recital  Linder Auditorium

 2 February 2020

 Symphony choir concert  Linder Auditorium
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