How to get through airport security quickly and effortlessly

January 07, 2020

Travelling can be an exciting adventure, or a frustrating life event, especially when you’re stuck in long queues at airport security and you have minutes to spare before missing your Mango flight. Below are a few tips on getting through airport security smoothly.  

Arrive early at the airport

Plan ahead and arrive early at the airport. Plan for traffic on the roads, and plan for crowds at the airport, resulting in long security check-ins. Less airport stress means you can focus on enjoying the overall experience of your trip instead. 

Checking in the day before helps speed up the process, but an early check-in on the day is as effective. Once your luggage has been weighed and sent off, make your way through the security checks right away. You can relax on the other side while waiting for your flight. 

Find out if your ticket gives you access to the fast-track security section

Not all airports have this section, but at Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport, for example, if you’re running late, the fast-track security section is available for priority passengers. Ask Mango staff if your ticket gives you access to this section; it minimises the pressure when you’re making a mad dash for a departing flight. 

Normal procedures apply at the fast-track security section, so make sure you’re ready to unpack your digital items and comply with any questions or requests from security personnel.

Be a smartie – pack your bags well

It’s no use finally getting to the front of a long security queue only to be asked to open your bag, dig out your laptop or, worse, remove an item such as scissors that is floating – forgotten – in the bottom of your hand luggage. 

Pack smart: make sure that you don’t have any dangerous items in your bag and that your passport is easily accessible if travelling to Zanzibar. Also, have your digital items ready for inspection, and wear clothing that is easily removable, i.e. a scarf, shoes that can slip on easily, or a jacket that can easily be taken off.

Watch your luggage

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or stepping into an airport for the first time, watch your baggage at all times. Keep hand luggage on your person when you go to the toilet and keep it close to you in airport coffee shops. For security reasons, it’s also advisable to not ask anyone to watch your bags and the same applies if someone asks you to watch their bags – rather respectfully decline. 

Happy flying! 

With these tips in mind, we hope you enjoy your airport experience and make it through the security checks with as few blips as possible (preferably, none!). Happy flying, and we look forward to hosting you on Mango.

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