The wild side of the Wild Coast

November 29, 2019

Bush, beaches, wildlife, marine life … the Wild Coast is calling! As the year winds down, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore the wilder side of the Wild Coast and think like a tourist in your own country. 

The Wild Coast stretches along the Eastern Cape coastline, from East London in the south to the border of KwaZulu-Natal in the north. 

Read on for some of the Wild Coast’s best marine and wildlife attractions.

Animal watching along the Wild Coast

The Wild Coast is a perfect location for animal lovers and avid conservationists. You may not see all of the Big 5, but you’ll encounter several of them during a game drive. 

A good start is to make a plan and see the immaculate white lion at Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve. You’ll probably also see giraffe, kudu and elephants.

Addo Elephant Park is a must for any Wild Coast wanderer. The park offers unique viewing opportunities such as elephant watching as they seek sustenance at the local watering hole. You might also be lucky to see Addo’s famed Big 7: elephants, rhinos, lions, buffaloes, leopards, humpback whales and great white sharks. 

During your drive along the Wild Coast, perhaps the most common animals you’ll come across are cows, goats, and sheep. It’s not unheard of to have to stop your car and wait for a procession of blasé cows to cross a busy stretch of the N2 highway. Make sure to keep your eyes open for skittish animals while driving!

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Image: South African Tourism

Sea, sand and the country’s oldest public aquarium

Hole in the Wall, Mdumbi beach, Chintsa beach and Lwandile Bay beach are just a few of the beaches you will encounter while exploring the Wild Coast. Each coastal stretch has its own alluring wildlife and marine life. 

Lwandile Bay beach: On the lookout for activities to do at the seaside? Lwandile Bay beach is excellent for whale or dolphin spotting. They are more active in the area from July to November each year, but you may still have time to see one or two of them before 2019 is out. 

Hole in the Wall: A visit to the famous attraction – a natural sea arch on a tidal island – is a must on any Wild Coast traveller’s list. For avid birdwatchers, the area surrounding the Hole in the Wall is an excellent observation spot. Keep your lens ready to snap birds such as the Amethyst Sunbird, Three-banded Plover, the African Green Pigeon or the Greater Double-collared Sunbird.

East London Aquarium: Need some time back in the urban areas? Then take your family or friends to the East London Aquarium. Here you’ll see an assortment of marine life that is unique to the region.

Fun fact! Did you know that the East London Aquarium is listed as being the oldest public aquarium in South Africa? It was established in 1931. 

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Image: South African Tourism

How do I get to the Wild Coast? 

Accessing the Wild Coast is simple. You can either road-trip the route from your home area, or you can fly with us to Port Elizabeth or Durban and hire a care from there. 

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