Three snorkelling spots in Zanzibar worth diving into

December 19, 2019

Zanzibar: sandy beaches, tropical clear blue water, bright coral reefs that house active marine life … what more could you ask for while on a snorkelling vacation?

Zanzibar is one part of an island chain that lies off the east coast of Tanzania, surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean. Here are a few noteworthy locations to snorkel at while in the region:

Mnemba Island

Snorkelling over the beautiful reefs around Mnemba Island is a drawcard for many visitors. Try to spot reef fish, turtles and rays that populate the area. It’s an underwater world not to be missed! Be sure to sign up for your underwater reef tour with an experienced guide.

While snorkelling around Mnemba Island, try to not touch the reefs as they are considered marine conservation areas. Less human interaction is best. Kichwani Reef, Wattabomi, Aquarium, West Gardens and the Big Wall are all excellent snorkelling locations while on Mnemba Island.


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Stone Town

In 2012, Stone Town was named a Unesco World Heritage Site. It’s a melting pot of African, Arab, Indian and European cultures. Stone Town has a number of snorkelling operators that will assist with your underwater adventure. 

Shipwrecks on the ocean floor, coral reefs and an array of marine life are visible while diving around Stone Town. When planning your trip, try to book your snorkelling experience ahead of time to avoid disappointment during peak seasons. Make sure to also pack a rash vest when diving around the Stone Town region as jellyfish also love the area! 


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Prison Island

Besides being known as an idyllic region for snorkelling, Prison Island (also known as Changuu Island), is a holidaymaker’s dream spot. Holiday cottages dotted around the island, pristine waters, white sandy beaches and an island steeped in history all draw tourists’ attention. While you’re on the island, join an organised tour and learn more about why it is called Prison Island and also Quarantine Island!

When you’re not snorkelling for treasures, make a point of seeing the giant tortoises that call the island home. There is a giant tortoise sanctuary on the island where visitors can learn about the large land-based animals and how they first arrived on the island.


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How to get to Zanzibar

Mango flies directly to Zanzibar from Lanseria and Johannesburg regularly. So get your passport, pack your snorkelling equipment and let us fly you to your next island vacation!

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