Top adventure activities in Cape Town

October 22, 2018

Itching for an adrenaline rush in the Mother City? You’re in the right place! Cape Town is filled with adventurous activities for the not-so-faint-of-heart. Here’s our guide to some of the top adventure activities around the city:

Challenge yourself and hike up Table Mountain

No visit to Cape Town is truly complete unless you’ve enjoyed the views from the top of Table Mountain. Most people take the easy route up via the cableway, which allows you to enjoy 360-degree vistas in only a few short minutes. Why not enjoy those same breathtaking views over the course of a couple hours by hiking up the famous mountain?

There are multiple hiking routes to the top, varying in difficulty and distance. Don’t attempt this challenge on your own or without doing thorough research of your route and packing an appropriate backpack with snacks and water. On the day, check the weather, let people know of your plans and don’t forget to have emergency contact numbers stored on your phone.

Learn more about the hiking routes up Table Mountain here.

Fly over Constantia’s forests and hillslopes

Ziplining is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable ways to get out and about in nature – you can experience incredible views and get your blood pumping at the same time. Cape Town Ziplines, run by SA Forest Adventures in Constantia, borders the Table Mountain Nature Park, offering a prime outdoor experience among local fauna and flora.

The experience will begin with a safety briefing, followed by a 4x4 drive before starting your zipline adventure between 12 platforms, accompanied by a guide. The longest zipline on the tour is 500, with the highest canopy sitting at 155m.

Be sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment. If heights aren’t your cup of tea, browse other offerings from SA Forest Adventures here, including 4x4 trails, white-water rafting and quad biking.

Spend a day in the sun among the sand dunes

Who needs snowboarding in the Alps when you have the African sun and glorious sand dunes to surf? Sandboarding is an extreme sport sure to give the steeliest a surge of adrenaline. Sandboarding Cape Town near Atlantis offers an Ultimate 4x4 sandboarding package that includes sandboarding training, a 4x4 drive to the top of the sand dunes, plus a drive back up for a second round of sandboarding. All of this will take about three hours (trust us, you won’t have energy for any more).

Sandboarding Cape Town also offers transport to and from Cape Town and surrounds at added cost – ideal if you fly in to Cape Town for a quick visit. Book your session in advance here, although be advised that the experience may be weather dependent.

4. Soar over Cape Town with a paraglider

Adventure-wise you can’t get better than jumping off a mountain with nothing but a paraglider. In Cape Town you get to do just that, but with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, the city and a spectacular mountain range.

With Cape Town Tandem Paragliding you’ll enjoy this thrilling experience while safely harnessed to a licensed professional. This allows you to take in the full bird's-eye views without needing to worry about steering or landing. Trips can take anything from five to 30 minutes, depending on weather, and take off from either Signal Hill or Lion’s Head, both a short drive from the inner city.

Book your flight here and add optional extras such as transport, in-flight video recording or even a commemorative T-shirt.

Good luck on your great adventure in Cape Town!

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