Top five air-travel life hacks for first-time flyers

September 28, 2018

First-time air travellers can find the experience intimidating. Flying on your own can either be loads of fun or daunting, depending on how well prepared you are for the journey.

Below are our top five air-travel tips to help you cope with your first flight. Whether you are travelling for work or leisure, these pointers will ensure that your adventure goes smoothly.

Bring an empty water bottle

Buying water at the airport can be expensive. Rather bring your own small empty water bottle in case you feel thirsty before boarding your flight. Fill it up at a water cooler in the departure area or a washroom tap.

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Pack light snacks for the flight

Airport goods, including food, can be expensive. Pack dry, healthy snacks for your airline travel so you don’t have to buy from airport stores. If your flight is delayed and you’re unprepared, you may end up hungry and without food. Healthy snacks will contribute to a pleasant journey.

Bring a light scarf and sweater

A great air travel tip is to wear layers of clothes, with a scarf and comfortable fleece or jacket you can easily peel off. You don’t always know what the weather will be like at your destination. If there’s a delay before takeoff, the air-conditioner may be cold – or it can get hot during the flight. You can also wrap your scarf or warm top into a pillow for extra comfort.

Use a colourful baggage tag

Airports process a lot of baggage daily, so it’s essential to mark your bag with a colourful strap to make it easier to identify and to help protect it. If there’s something breakable inside, add a “fragile” sticker. These measures will help you identify your items at the baggage carousel at your destination.

Carry a tablet or e-reader

Make sure you’re entertained during the flight. Download books, movies and music onto your tablet or other device before boarding the aircraft. You’ll be required to put your device or e-reader on flight mode while you’re in the air. Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight!

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