When in Durban, have a bunny chow ... here’s where

October 22, 2018

Durban is the home of interesting, spicy food, and of these dishes, bunny chows are high on the list. When you land in Durban and you’re wondering where to grab a bunny chow, try one of these restaurants ...


When you go to CaneCutters, you’re in for for a treat. The restaurant is a curry-style eatery located in Glenwood and offers a variety of options, including burgers, roti rolls, curries and bunny chows.

But bunny chow is what you’re after, and the CaneCutters bunny chow is so good it won the Best Bunny Chow award in the 2016 Coca-Cola Bunny Chow Barometer Challenge.

If you’re in the mood for something else, don’t miss its long-running special, Warappen Wednesday, which includes any two burgers and chips at a discount price.

RK’s Vegetarian Fast Foods

RK’s has a great selection of bunny chows for vegetarians. Located in Umhlanga and the Durban CBD, RK’s Vegetarian Fast Foods offers mouth-watering sandwiches, samosas, roti rolls and bunny chows.

But wait, there’s more! RK’s is loved not only because it serves great food, but also for its prices – which are a big reason why it’s so popular. With bunny chows going for less than R20, the restaurant is easy on your pocket, without compromising on the quality of the food.

Hotel Britannia’s Capsicum restaurant

Known for its famous mutton bunny chow, the Capsicum restaurant at the Hotel Britannia is a top spot to grab this spicy treat. Further, one of the best features of the menu is the variety – there are over 10 versions of bunny chow to choose from. The usual styles are there – mutton, chicken and vegetable – but if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, try the “exotic” bunny chows, including prawn, mince and chops.

Hotel Britannia is not shy about sharing either – a few years ago, it shared the recipe for its famous mutton bunny chow on the East Coast Radio website.

Patels Vegetarian Refreshment Room

Ask any Durbanite about Patels Vegetarian Refreshment Room and you’ll get puzzled looks. This is because everyone lovingly refers to it as “Patel’s”, without having to explain what or where it is. The restaurant – established in the early 1900s – is an institution in Durban. The family-owned eatery has left the decor, ambiance and recipe relatively unchanged over time, making it a nostalgia-inducing spot for many who grew up in the city.

In addition to serving a variety of vegetarian dishes, Patel’s bunny chows come in a number  of options at reasonable prices. The restaurant is also known for its consistent quality and excellent staff.

And if bunnies aren’t your thing, Durban offers foodies a wide variety of restaurants and generous portions, with the added bonus of great value for money.

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