Zanzibar – more than a romantic getaway

September 28, 2018

Zanzibar is an ideal destination for travellers seeking a place to experience a turquoise coastline and sandy white beaches. The months of June to October are the best time to visit because of the the warm weather and lack of rainfall.

Zanzibar consists of two main islands, Pemba and Unguja (which is also known as Zanzibar Island). It is blessed with clean beaches, delicious food and friendly people.

Some of the languages spoken in the area include Kiswahili, Arabic and English.

Zanzibar is often considered a romantic getaway, but there’s much more to the island than honeymoon holidays. We have compiled five top things to do on your trip to Zanzibar.

Traditional food

Travellers should definitely try ndizi kaanga, one of the popular dishes served in Zanzibar. It is a fried or grilled plantain meal that is eaten as a nutritious snack. Also worth trying is ugali, an indigenous meal made from maize flour and water, which is eaten with one’s hands and dipped into a traditional soup known as mchuzi.

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Taarab music

Zanzibar is known for its taarab music, which incorporates Swahili lyrics and is played on traditional instruments including the qanun,a string instrument laid flat that is plucked like a harp. It has Arab, Indian, Persian and European influences, and  is soothing, melodic and entertaining.

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Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park

Take your camera with to capture images of the different types of wildlife at the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park. Some of the animals found at the park include the famous red colobus monkey, butterflies and birds. It is the sole national park on the island, and has a large indigenous forest and breeding areas for marine organisms. Travellers can enjoy the forest nature trails.
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Beach activities

There are many ways to enjoy Zanzibar’s beaches. Some of the popular water adventure activities include scuba diving and snorkelling, and if you love coral reefs, then Zanzibar is a must. Holidaymakers can also participate in jet-skiing, parasailing, and wind- and kitesurfing, or take a dhow safari and watch the sunset. You might even spot a live starfish lying on the beach.

Stone Town

Food and culture are an integral part of the Zanzibar experience – it’s not just about the sea and beaches, but a celebration of the island’s deep history.
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