Where can I find the online check-in?

Click here to check-in online.

Where will I find information about the boarding pass?

After choosing your seat, simply click on ‘Print out boarding pass’. You can use your normal, commercially available printer paper to print out your online boarding pass.

If you are unable to print out your online boarding pass or you have forgotten or lost your printed online boarding pass, with online check-in you can log in again and arrange for a new print-out or pick it up later at the check-in machine.


Conventional boarding pass (at the check-in machine)

In addition, you can obtain your boarding pass at the airport from one of the check-in machines (or from a Mango Check-in counter).

Click here for more information on check-in machines (kiosks).

Please be aware of the published check-in deadlines, by which time you must be in possession of your boarding pass and have checked in your baggage. These deadlines vary from airport to airport.

What is the earliest check-in time?

Mango Guests can check in via the check-in counters, Mango's mobi-app or our online check-in.

The check-in counters can be found in the Domestic Departure Terminal. The recommended check-in time is two (2) hours prior to departure. Check-in closes 40 minutes prior to departure. Guests who arrive after this time will need to make alternative travel arrangements.

The Self-Service check-in counters open 12 hours before departure and close 40 minutes before the scheduled time of departure. Guests can also check in for their flights using online or mobi check-in, which opens 24 hours before departure and closes two (2) hours before the scheduled time of departure.

Please note:

The boarding gate closes 30 minutes prior to departure

  • Bookings made within 24 hours of departure will not be able to make use of mobi check-in
  • Mobi check-in is not available for flights departing from George and Bloemfontein, and departing to and from Zanzibar. You should use the Mango check-in counters at these airports.

How does Kiosk check-in work?

There are three ways to check in at the check-in machine. You will see the different check-in options displayed on the machine’s start screen:

  1. Simply place your machine-readable ID card or passport on the check-in machine’s scanner. Then enter the flight number, destination or booking reference for your flight.
  2. Touch the screen and enter your last name and the booking reference for your flight. You will find this on your booking confirmation, on your online passenger receipt or in your profile on under "my bookings".
  3. If you have already checked-in and would like to make changes (e.g. to change your seat), simply place your boarding pass or mobile phone barcode-side down on the machine’s scanner.

How long before departure can I use Online/mobile check-in?

Online or Mobi check-in is available 23 hours prior to departure.

What is the booking code and where will I find it?

The booking code is your booking reference which you will find on your booking confirmation, e-mail confirmation or confirmation from Shoprite. This is a 6 six character alphanumeric code.

Can I change my seat after checking in online?

Yes, simply log on again and change your seat then print your new boarding pass.

What should I do if I lose or forget my printed out boarding pass?

You are able to obtain a boarding pass at the Mango Check-in desks.

Why can I not check in online even though I have booked the flight?

Please note that online check-in is only possible from 23 hours before your departure time. If you try to check in before this you will receive an error message.

If you get the error message: “Your card number or your surname is incorrect”, please check the relevant entries and repeat your request. For identification, you will need the card you used when booking your flight. If you have a double-barrelled name, please enter this without spaces or hyphens.

As an alternative, you can also use your booking code, which consists of five or six characters and is alphanumeric or your ticket number for this check-in process. You will find them on your booking confirmation. You must also enter your first and last names, exactly as they are written in the booking.

Can people who are travelling together check in at different times?

Yes, the system is set up to prompt you for who you need to check-in.

Where do I drop off my bags?

There are clearly marked areas for dropping off bags at each check-in counter.

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