Hand Luggage

What are the carry-on baggage regulations?

Only 1 piece of carry-on baggage at 7kg will be allowed on board. Click here for more information on carry-on baggage requlations.

What items may I take with me into the cabin, in addition to my carry-on baggage?

1 hand bag or 1 slim line laptop bag will be allowed in addition to the 1 carry-on baggage piece of 7kg

Nappy bags with immediate use items will be permitted in addition to the 1 carry-on baggage piece of 7kg

Click here for carry-on baggage information.

How do I proceed with my laptop at the security checkpoint?

Airport authorities require that you remove your laptop when going through airport security. Please remove it from your bag and place it separately through the scanner.

Are there liquid restrictions when travelling internationally on Mango?

On International flights, such articles are restricted as carry-on baggage, click here to see these restrictions.

Why do I sometimes have to give up my carry-on baggage during boarding?

This happens on fuller flights when the available storage capacity is often quickly used up.

Any items which do not fit in the overhead stowages will be removed from the aircraft and placed in the hold.

In this case, please do not forget to remove all valuable and fragile items from your carry-on baggage.

How do I transport musical instruments on the aircraft?

Musical instruments are included in your checked baggage allowance. Click here for more information on checked baggage.

Baggage to be checked in

What is the weight limit for my checked-in baggage?

You may check in as little or as much as you like. The first 20kgs, regardless of the number of pieces, is included in your checked baggage allowance. After this free baggage allowance, you will be charged per kilogram or part thereof. No single item may weigh more than 32kgs.

What are the charges for excess baggage?

Mango baggage is based on a weight concept, which means all Guests travelling on Mango have a free checked baggage allowance, regardless of the number of pieces being checked in.

Excess baggage will be charged per kilogram, or part thereof for any baggage exceeding the free checked baggage allowance.

Click here for excess baggage charges

What are the rules for transporting weapons?

Mango does not allow the transportation of firearms. To see a list of prohibited items, click here.

Can I drop off baggage if I am checked in online?

Yes, you can drop off your baggage at the baggage drop off counter at the airport.

Online baggage drop off counters close 1 hour before departure.

What do I do when my baggage is lost or damaged?

All claims are treated strictly in accordance with Mango’s Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

All baggage irregularities must be reported to a Mango baggage office within 24 hours of arrival.

Click here for more information on baggage irregularities.

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