ADM Policy


Mango Airlines has decided to join BSPZA and will allow agents to sell Mango inventory and we therefore seek the agents support and cooperation to implement our Agent Debit Memo Procedures.

Mango airlines will conduct fare audits to ensure that their approved ticketing agents issue traffic documents accurately. The purpose of the Fare Audit is to protect the airline from abuse of its fares and to ensure that Fares, Taxes, Fees and Charges (TFC’s) are not under collected or abused which may result in a financial loss to the airline. 

ADMs are a legitimate accounting tool for use by all BSP participating airlines and are used to collect amounts or make adjustments to agent transactions in respect of the issuance and use of Traffic Documents of the Airline, regardless of which airlines are included in the itinerary.

ADMs raised for errors on Mango tickets can include but is not restricted to any of the below:

  • Class Error
  • Fare Calculation Error
  • Min/Max Stay Violation
  • Season Error
  • Stopover Violation
  • Tax Calculation
  • Refund Errors



Mango traffic documents will be audited by a 3rd party and ADM’s will be issued via BSPLINK.

  • The ticket errors can be summarized per error for the Airlines convenience and an ADM will be issued with a maximum of 5 Tickets with the same error type per ADM per agent.
  • All ADM’s will attract an additional ZAR370.00 Inclusive of Vat per ADM over and above the error recovery. ADM’s issued to recover incorrectly claimed commission will attract an ADM fee of ZAR30.00 Inclusive of vat.
  • Incorrectly claimed commissions will be summarized and one ADM issued.
  • Mango Airlines will not issue ADM’s for values less than ZAR30.00
  • The ADM’s will be raised via BSPlink (where applicable), per Agent per period.
  • If no disputes are raised or disputes are rejected your agency pays via next BSP remittance.



Agents are advised to refer any disputes, with sufficient dispute information, onto the contact address displayed at the top left hand corner of the ADM. Any unsupported disputes will be disregarded.

  • An acknowledgement of dispute receipt will be sent out to Agents and a decision will be made within 60 days of receipt of dispute.
  • Any ADM that is disputed after the expiry of the dispute period needs to be registered within 9 months from the ADM issue date. No dispute will be processed after this date i.e. no dispute that is raised later than 9 months after ADM issue date will be considered.
  • If the dispute is approved or partly approved (i.e. LESS AUDIT OR ERROR CHARGES), the ‘REJECT DISPUTE’ option will be selected and an ACM for ADM value less charges will be issued.




ADMs issued from incorrect fare quotes in the GDS will not be cancelled and Agents should refer to their GDS supplier regarding incorrect quotes.



All reissued tickets will be audited to ensure that ADC, change fees, taxes and surcharges are collected at time of reissue.

No verbal authorisations will be accepted as a valid reason for an ADM dispute



Fares apply only for carriage from the airport at the point of origin to the Airport at the point of destination, unless otherwise expressly stated. Fares do not include ground transport service between airports and between airports and town terminals.



Cancellation and reissue of any incorrect tickets that would normally incur a penalty for change or cancellation fee must be completed on the same day. Any changes thereafter must be requested from the Mango refunds department if a waiver is required.

ADMs issued for incorrect tickets which are subsequently refunded (after the ADM issue date) will be cancelled less an administration fee of ZAR370.00 inclusive of Vat.



All unused/partly unused tickets must be refunded through the Global Distribution System as per the fare rules, except if the refund by nature require a waiver in which case they must apply for a unique waiver number via the Mango Refunds sections email before processing the refund in the GDS.



i.Incorrect calculation of refund amount, taxes and surcharges 

ii.Incorrect application of cancellation penalty 

iii.Incorrect form of payment on refunds (versus sale)   

iv.Nonrefundable fares & taxes refunded.



  1. Under collection of Taxes Fees and Charges (TFC’s)
  2. Under collection of Fares
  3. Fare combinations not permitted
  4. Incorrect Fare basis & or missing tour code
  5. Booking class violation
  6. Incorrectly calculated fares
  7. Minimum / Maximum stay violation
  8. Fare sale period violated
  9. Waiver authorisations abused
  10. Book Versus Ticketed class difference
  11. Incorrect completion of the “Not Valid Before/ Not Valid After” field.
  12. Agent failed to change the applicable flight coupon status to exchange / refund / void and the coupon is subsequently used for travel.
  13. Conjunction ticket status not changed to “R” when refunding
  14. Open or waitlisted sectors (where a reservation is required)
  15. Tickets which are sold, but not reported and later flown, are charged up to the applicable fare.
  16. Duplicate reservations & duplicate ticketing
  17. Credit card charge backs
  18. Mango Airlines does not pay commissions for any tickets purchased and any incorrectly commissions claimed will incur an ADM
  19. Churning – Repeatedly cancelling and rebooking within the same or different booking classes to circumvent ticket time limit or to hold inventory is strictly prohibited



Mango Airlines reserves the right to amend and/or to adapt and/or to partially delete the ADM-policy at any time. We always aim to grant enough lead time to ensure manageable implementation by the Travel Agent.


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