SAA Voyager Terms and Conditions


Mango gives you the choice and flexibility to pay for your Mango flights using your SAA Voyager Miles.

If you are short on SAA Voyager Miles, the remainder cost of your fare can be covered with any of the following payment options: credit card, cash, Nedbank Greenbacks or Edgars Thank U Account Card.

We do have a few important rules and regulations which can apply when using your SAA Voyager Miles:

  • Although SAA Voyager Members can now redeem your Miles for Mango flights, you are not yet able to earn SAA Voyager Miles on these flights
  • A minimum of 5,000 SAA Voyager Miles is needed to book a Mango flight. In addition, Mango will only redeem SAA Voyager Miles in denominations of 500. This means that your Miles will be rounded off to the nearest 500 denomination
  • SAA Voyager Miles can be used as payment for the base fare of a Mango flight only, and cannot be used to pay for airport taxes
  • No other SAA Voyager benefits, such as additional baggage, upgrades or lounge access are applicable when using SAA Voyager Miles to pay for a Mango flight
  • Standard SAA Voyager and Mango terms and conditions apply
  • SAA Voyager Miles only apply to online payments

For enquiries or assistance, please contact our Mango Call Centre on 086 100 1234.


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