Packing for any trip is in itself an adventure. Whether you spend days choosing what you need, or throw it together twenty minutes before you’re expected to leave for the airport, there are a few things that each Mango Guest needs to know.


Always check that any baggage removed off the baggage collection conveyor belt is in fact your own before exiting the airport. This will ensure that your adventures can begin sooner rather than later.

  • Attach a card containing your name, telephone number and physical address to the bag
  • Place a colourful marker to better ensure that your baggage is not mistaken by another Guest as their own
  • Lock your bag or use a cable tie to seal it (this assists in preventing theft)
  • Place all valuables in your carry-on luggage.


Mango does not allow the transportation of firearms.

Mango does not allow the transportation of firearms, paintball guns, air guns, crossbows operating with a gas cylinder, or any other item that falls within this category in the hold or cabin of our aircraft. Guests may check in conventional crossbows, but the arrows and bow need to be separated, and the string relaxed.

Knives may be transported in the hold of the aircraft, but these will need to be placed into a Guest’s checked baggage.

Mango cannot be held liable for the loss of Guest knives or crossbows, and a Limited Liability Release Tag must be signed before handing these articles into the care of the airline. We do advise that it would be better not to carry these articles when flying with Mango.


Baggage in excess of the checked baggage allowance will be charged at the current rate per kg each way. No single piece of luggage exceeding 32 kg will be accepted for carriage.

Carry-on baggage is subject to the following restrictions:

  • May not exceed 115 cm (56 cm + 36 cm + 23 cm)
  • May not exceed one bag at 7 kg
  • In addition to carry-on baggage, you may carry on board a handbag and overcoat. Guests with infants seated on their laps may also carry a small bag catering for the in-flight needs of the infant, e.g., feeding bottles, nappies and medication
  • The following items may not be included in a Guest’s carry-on baggage: toy guns, cutlery, knives, scissors, syringes, blades, nail clippers or other sharp objects that appears to be or could be used as weapons.

Please note: Failure to adhere to the Mango carry-on baggage restrictions is in violation of CAT-OPS-121 Civil Aviation regulation.


When you’re packing for your next trip, here’s what you need to know about the newly implemented Carry-on Baggage Regulations which came into effect 2 February 2015.

These new regulations are as follows:

  • Economy class carry-ons are restricted to a single piece with a maximum weight of 7 kg and within specified dimensions (36 cm x 23 cm x 56 cm), together with either a handbag and/or a slimline laptop bag.
  • All carry-on baggage exceeding the specifications must be checked in.
  • Multiple carry-on baggage items may no longer be taken on board the aircraft.
  • Outside of carry-on baggage, all other baggage must be checked in.

Despite these regulations, Mango Guests can rest assured that we are the only low cost airline in South Africa that allows 20 kg of check-in luggage per Guest without penalties on the number of bags that make up the total weight.



Help us to help you.

If a Guest’s baggage is lost or damaged, please notify a Mango representative at the airport so that we can assist you with locating the missing baggage.


Mango takes great care to ensure that our Guests’ baggage arrives at its destination in the same condition it was given to us. Because certain valuables cannot fit in the overhead baggage compartments of the aircraft’s cabin, they need to be checked in as checked baggagesubject to Mango’s terms and conditions.


Dry ice can be used as a refrigerant for the contents of a package.

With this in mind Mango Airlines accepts solid dry ice in small quantities (maximum 2.5 kg) in the cargo hold. Dry ice can be used as a refrigerant for the contents of a package, and must be packaged in a ventilated container.

Please note: The container must be declared at check-in and marked with the following information:

  • Name of the contents being cooled
  • Net weight
  • The word carbon dioxide clearly visible.


Because you know you aren’t going to find it back home.

Sometimes Guests find the perfect household article in the most unlikely place. It’s that object that you just have to have, because you know you aren’t going to find it back home.

The following household articles are accepted provided they are correctly packaged and do not exceed the recommend baggage allowance:

  • Lamps
  • Lamp shades
  • And items of a similar nature.

It is advisable that Guests pack fragile goods in padded, sturdy boxes—this will prevent breakage occurring.


Keep up the spirit.

Mango Guests can check in liquor cartons in the cargo hold provided they are correctly packaged and do not exceed the recommended baggage allowance.


Mango allows the transportation of liquids.

Perhaps you’ve bought a last minute gift for a family member, friend or client, or an airport store had a sale on. Whatever your reasons, Mango allows the transportation of liquids provided they are marked as fragile in the aircraft cabin and hold.

Recreational equipment

Mango transports tennis racquets, surfboards, fishing equipment and golf equipment. Guests can take their tennis racquet on board the aircraft provided there is adequate space in the cabin. The number of surfboards that Mango is able to carry in the cargo hold is subject to the aircraft space availability. Please ensure that fishing equipment is boxed or encased, and that golf equipment is adequately sealed.


Let's ride.

As South Africans we like to be active on holiday, and what better way to get exercise and go sightseeing than cycling.

To ensure the safe passage of Guests’ bicycles, Mango recommends that these items be packed in shipping boxes. Mango is unable to provide this service to Guests.

Please note: Mango charges a handling fee for the transportation of bicycles , click here to view the prices.

Bowling gear

A refined sport enjoyed by young and old.

Mango allows the following bowling equipment to be checked in as Guest baggage:

  • A bowling ball
  • A bowling bag
  • And a pair of bowling shoes.

Diving gear

Perhaps you’ve just earned your diving licence and are off to explore South Africa’s beautiful coastline.

To help you discover our countries ocean life Mango allows a Guest to check in the following diving equipment as Guest baggage:

  • A scuba regulator
  • A tank harness
  • A tank pressure gauge
  • A mask
  • A pair of fins
  • A snorkel
  • A safety vest.

Please note: To ensure the safe transportation of your gear, Mango recommends that all diving equipment be properly encased.  Mango requires all scuba tanks to be emptied before Guests can check these in. We also require that tanks be accompanied by documentation to prove that they are empty before they can be accepted on any Mango flight. Spear guns will not be accepted for travel.

Please note: The above items will be checked in as return, and are included in the checked allowance of 20 kg per paying Guest (excluding bicycles). Guest will need to acquire and keep a Limited Liability Release Tag to retrieve any of the above mentioned items. This tag can be obtained from the Mango check-in counters.

The following items are never allowed on board Mango aircraft:

  • Incubators
  • Firearms or Shooting Equipment.



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