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In-Flight Wi-Fi:
Wi-Fi is a means of connecting to the Internet without the use of an external 3G modem, dongle or cable. Wi-Fi is usually available in public locations such as airports, hotels, coffee shops or even on-board your Mango flight. We call these locations “Wi-Fi Hotspots”. These Hotspots have wireless signals (Radio Waves) and generally, devices such as Laptops, Smartphone’s and Tablets have built in “Wi-Fi Radios”, which can detect and connect to the Hotspot to provide Internet connectivity. When in a Hotspot, just enable the Wi-Fi on your device, select your SSID (Hotspot Name) and open your Internet browser. The SSID available on-board Mango flights is “G-Connect”.

Prepaid Top up:
With a prepaid top up, you can access either 3G, Wi-Fi, ADSL or In-Flight Wi-Fi. Should your prepaid balance not be used, it will be carried over from month to month. 

You can top up your account with the following amounts; R50, R75, R150, R200.

Uncapped ADSL will provide unlimited Internet access in your home or at the office.

Choose your preferred prepaid data bundle for 3G, Wi-Fi or ADSL Internet connectivity. 

All data bundles are valid for 30 days after activation

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